Claymasters is the Okanagan dealer for American Clay products. We stock and sell product at our Kelowna location and will deliver or ship throughout the interior of British Columbia.

Earth Plaster is a practical, eco-friendly alternative to toxic materials. These plasters are derived of clay, aggregates (including marble dust or sea shell) and natural mineral pigments. The range of natural plasters can create various texture and colour interest. Because of the versatile nature of the earth plaster it can fit into any architectural or design style and add healthy beauty to your interior walls and ceilings.

Earth plaster has many unique qualities and benefits. It is friendly to installers, homeowners, and the environment. In contrast to today's modern homes and offices, which surround an individual with positive ions, natural plasters give off negative ions, helping to boost our feeling of well being. Earth plasters breathe with changes in humidity, and resist dust. Earth Plasters are mold and fade resistant, repairable and moisture controlling, acoustically enhancing and flame retardant. The plasters are available in three beautiful finishes; Loma, Porcelina, and Marittimo, and forty- three natural colours.

Earth plasters are unique in their ability to literally alter a space for the benefit of those inhabiting it!

Claymasters will be happy to provide technical support to the do-it-yourself client and to contractors. stocks and sells all the American Clay products at our Okanagan location. We also provide technical support to our do-it-yourself/homeowner clients and to contractors.

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